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Akbar Allahabadi Best Poet

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Akbar Allahabadi was a great Urdu poet . Akbar Allahabadi was born on 16 November 1846 in Allahabad, India. To commemorate his work in judicial services, he was bestowed with the title, Khan Bahadur by the British Government during that period. Though he had achieved both, name and fame, his old age was full of grief.

Following his wife and son’s death, Akbar’s health deteriorated and He was confined to bed for the rest of his life. He was a bright, witty and affable man with a remarkable sense of humor which surfaces in his poetry too. He gave a humorous touch even to the serious themes of love and politics. He exhibited a good understanding and command of the Urdu language which can be seen in his use of simple language in the most effective way.

He also used English words in his poetry to bring about interesting impacts. His poetry ushered the modern culture at that time and clearly portrayed the transition in cultural values. Akbar’s ghazals, nazms, rubaiyats and individual couplets span across three volumes, in addition to a collection of his poems on Mahatma Gandhi, titled Gandhinama. The title “Lisan-ul-Asr” was bestowed upon him for his literary excellence.

His fame can also be attributed to his socio-politic criticism and humor that was often directed against the so-called highly westernized Indian Muslims. He passed away in 1921 in Allahabad.
Akbar Allahabadi is known for the best Urdu Shayari .

But here is the list of top 5 Shers :


आई होगी किसी को हिज्र में मौत
मुझ को तो नींद भी नहीं आती

अब तो है इश्क़-ए-बुताँ में ज़िंदगानी का मज़ा
जब ख़ुदा का सामना होगा तो देखा जाएगा

अकबर दबे नहीं किसी सुल्ताँ की फ़ौज से
लेकिन शहीद हो गए बीवी की नौज से

इस गुलिस्ताँ में बहुत कलियाँ मुझे तड़पा गईं
क्यूँ लगी थीं शाख़ में क्यूँ बे-खिले मुरझा गईं

डिनर से तुम को फ़ुर्सत कम यहाँ फ़ाक़े से कम ख़ाली
चलो बस हो चुका मिलना न तुम ख़ाली न हम ख़ाली